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Postal Boxes


Shipping is a tricky part of business. Due to the thic(k)ness of patches and pins, we are unable to ship these in standard mailing envelopes. They must be shipped in a small bubble-wrap package (USPS rules, fam.)


Orders that only contain slaps (stickers) can be mailed in a regular flat envelope (First-class, no tracking).


We know that we can't control the cost of shipping items. We can't make it cheaper, and that sucks. However, spend $20 or more (before tax) and you'll get FREE SHIPPING.


Or, if you're local to the 814, we are happy to arrange local delivery. And you get to see our smiling (ok, sassy) faces. If that isn't a huge bonus, we don't know what is! 


Hit us up with any questions! 


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